Monday, 10 December 2012

Working on my crochet patterns

I have a very chaotic way of working!, I need to have three or four things on the go, at the moment I am working on this blue infinitive scarf and the plush dolls too!


  1. I purchased this pattern. It says "Pink lace beanie hat". same picture as above, the lacy blue bulky cowl. ?? Also, I was expecting dimensions of this project. I can't find them. It says, at the end of COWL pattern that it is 60 inches long. ?? Can you possibly draw a picture of this, and show dimensions ? How tall from top to bottom? how many inches around is the cowl? this sounds like dimensions of a different kind of neck scarf. Please reply. I would like to make this!

  2. Hi there, where did you buy it from? that is an error, it seems the wrong pattern is uploaded, let me check my shops and come back to you asap!
    thank you


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