Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Healthy food for my kids and a chocolate treat!

I have a friend who calls me food 'fascist' she is probably right!, I love cooking and I have three very hungry mini 'me' running around me all the time! (This is not a metaphor, they do that!). So the way I go about feeding my kids is quite simple, if you eat this very nutritious and beautiful food that I took the time and pleasure to cook for you, then you may eat a naughty chocolate muffin! 

Tuna and cougertes fritata 2

Last saturday I made a tuna fish and courgettes frittata (well, there was a lot more veggies on it!)

We are five and we love to eat so it was quite a big one!
So this is what I found in my fridge:
  • There were about 5 medium size leeks, they went in
  • 4 small courgettes, yup that will do
  • A couple of spring onions
  • I always cook with garlic and extra virgin olive oil (What? I am Spanish!)
  • Oh, oh... there were just a few mushrooms left at the back, they looked scared so I thought of putting them out of their misery!
  • I wanted some protein so from the cupboard I got a couple of tuna flakes tins.
  • And what?, 1 egg per person and 1 for the pan? 6 in total
  • Some milk
So, chopped all the veggies and garlic, fry the garlic and the onions (I love the smell!). I use non stick pan (less oil) that I can also put in under the grill as well. In goes all the veggies and when they look nicely cooked I drain the tuna tins and in it goes as well, once they looked almost done, I beat the eggs and add the milk and pour all over the pan, cook the frittata and heat the grill, when it looks like the eggs are set, I transfer the pan to the grill, and that is it!

Tuna and cougertes fritata

I have another trick up of my sleeve, I don't really give my kids that many snacks, well sure you can have a glass of water or milk, sure you can have a hand full of raisins and maybe a few nuts, but that is it! (see why my friend is right?). My point is if they are hungry they will eat the food properly!, if they are not then we are going to have a very stressful lunch!

Chocolate muffins Chocolate muffins 1 Rose Chocolate muffins 1

So anyway, after they all ate a good slice each, we had the double chocolate muffins (recipe here) but this time I thought of making them prettier, I have this lovely rose mold that I used, look what a lovely bunch of chocolaty flowers I made!. (This lovely mold I got for a few pounds on Lidl! I love Lidl!)

Rose Chocolate muffins 4
(well, we all made!, Hector 'helped' to stir the ingredients and then he had a good go at 'helping' with the cleaning up!)

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  1. mmmmm i like it, cuando vengas quiero pastel y magdalenas, tienes unas manitas de ángel para la cocina, kissitos de chocolate

    1. Me imagino que sabrás who i am jajajaja

  2. Si ya se quien eres pive! espera que veas las lo que tengo preparado!


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