Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Back from the French Alps, what a beautiful place!

So we are back!, we were in the french Alps for 2 weeks, and they were amazing! (Everyone doing a Bolt!, well almost everyone)



We took the ski chair lift and got to walk down to the resort, it was amazing!
I felt like we have a few different holidays, we did so much in two weeks, we walked the mountains, I cannot still believe how good the kids were! our first walk was 8k!!


We saw so many creatures




Alba took this picture of me, probably my favourite for the whole trip! (it is also a preview to my new slouchy hat)

She doesn't take pictures seriously any longer tho...(again same hat for kids)


The views were breathtaking!


We also got the funicolare and ended up in the glacier, to say it was cold it's an understatement!




We had fun in the snow



So many beautiful places, I didn't know which pictures to upload!

Tignes le lac 2

The colours! the flowers!

Tignes le lac 4

Tignes le lac 5

Tignes le lac 6

Sweet shop 7

We also visit the local town, Bourg-Saint-Maurice

Sweet shop8

Tignes le lac 8

And visit the local sweet shop

Sweet shop

Sweet shop 2

Sweet shop 4

Sweet shop 5

I think it was one of the highlight for some of the small members of the family!, well it is holidays after all, and mummy and daddy really enjoy all that beautiful cheese and wine! :)

Sweet shop 6

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